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In this half day tour, Athens Taxi Travel will get to Brauron & Ramnous.

Brauron, in the ancient times called Vrauron, situated on the east coast of Attica, was one of the oldest sacred-places in Greece, where the goddess of nature and the protector of fertility and childbirth, Artemis was worshipped. According to the myths Iphigenia, the daughter of the Mycenaean king Agamemnon, established this sanctuary.

Brauron is one of the most evocative sites near Athens. Although little remains of its former architectural glory, finds in the museum reveal its importance as the centre of worship of Artemis, Beside the temple stands a late Byzantine chapel, dedicated to Saint George.

Ramnous is a remote but beautiful site, overlooking the gulf of Evoia.
It is the only Greek sanctuary dedicated to the goddess of vengeance, Nemesis.

More than a taxi tour
Our licensed tourist guide Vicky will enter with you to all monuments and explain everything concerning the monument or the musuem findings you see. Vicky has a degree in Archaeology from the University of Athens and she’s been working as a guide for 35 years now. She speaks English, French and Italian.